I love drags, I ❤️‍ RuPaul’s Drag Race and I love making lists so this post was another logical step for quite a while in my to-do’s list and finally I got some time to put it together. To give you a little background, I totally remember the first time I went to New York – towards the end of 2008 – and seeing a billboard in Times Square with RuPaul’s face announcing the show that would be first aired on February next year. I have seen many drag shows in Madrid, New York or Berlin but being on TV is something else – braver, clever and probably funnier.

Take this drag queens seriously, they are taking over the social media.

The format has been growing and growing in fans over the last years (including an Emmy award for Rupaul this year ?) and you can tell that not only by the people that know it and talk about it on television, at bars or at work but also by the amount of social media attention it generates. I can tell you already something: Take this drag queens seriously, they are taking over the social media.

1. Adore Delano, 852K followers on Instagram

Adore Delano (Season 6) has built a mega strong social media base but that is not due only to her participation on RuPauls but also because he was an American Idol contestant on 2008. She also has 339K subscribers on Youtube (with 62,8 Million views on her channel according to Social Blade) and 257K followers on Twitter.

2. Bianca Del Rio, 714K

HERE WE GO, COLUMBUS! ?❤️?❤️#nottodaysatan #tour #comedy #clown #grateful

Una foto publicada por Bianca Del Rio (@thebiancadelrio) el

Originally Roy Haylock (Season 6), Bianca del Rio is the second biggest Instagram RuPaul’s drag. I think she is the one that is a professional comedian (a very good one).

3. Alaska 5000, 650K


My heart is full… ❤️❤️❤️

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The winner of the second season of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race, Alaska Thunderfuck (Season 5) is one of the most peculiar and original drags. (Like … Totally). She additionally adds 153K followers on her Youtube Channel and 246K on her Twitter.


4. Miss Fame, 575K


Miss Fame has make herself room in the allready crowded make up tutorial world on Youtube gathering 366K subscribers on Youtube and 16,5 Million views on her channel. Additionally she has 81K on Twitter. She has also establish a link with the fashion industry and walked the red carpet in Cannes with L’Oréal Paris.


5. Kimchi Chic, 547K


My favorite on Season 8, Kimchi is one of the most talented drags I’ve seen in the competition. You can tell when there is something more than a good look and her creativity was absolutely brilliant throughout the competition.

6. Pearl, 537K



Toronto Pride today! #TBT #incensecrown #chinstrap

Una foto publicada por Pearl OFFICIAL IG (@pearliaison) el


Matt James or Pearl (Season 7) started the competition being one of the weakest but ended up being in the Top 3.


7. Violet Chachki, 533K



Violet Chachki (Season 7) belongs to a small group of queens in the show’s history to never have lip-synced for their life. She was invited to a Miu Miu party in Paris along with her BFF, Miss Fame, and Pearl and made clear that drag is to be taking seriously.


8. Katya, 533K


Looking like the auntie of Nancy from the Craft and @adoredelano yes gawd

Una foto publicada por Katya Zamolodchikova (@katya_zamo) el


Katya Zamolodchikova, Katya Zamo or simply Katya (Season 7) is funny, trashy and witty as it can be. She has also gather quite an audience on Youtube with 122K subscribers.

9. Sharon Needles, 509K


Una foto publicada por Sharon Needles (@sharonneedlespgh) el


I’m sure you didn’t know that Sharon Needles (Season 4) has her own day in the calendar (at least in her hometown). Yes, thats true, the Pittsburgh City Council issued an official proclamation declaring June 12, 2012, “Sharon Needles Day.

10. Willam, 497K


Despite being the only RuPaul’s contestant disqualified Willam (Season 4) has had major success in the business after the show. Which business? He has a long career as actor and after RuPaul he have proved to be a real entertainer.

Willam might be not he one with more followers on Instagram but it is definitely an authority on Youtube, where he has gathered +692K subscribers and + 117 Million views. ( :o) He also has 247K followers on Twitter.

While making this list I found out something small but interesting at the same time, a curious “pattern”. I originally wrote down the numbers of each one last Thursday with the idea of continuing the writing on Friday and out of pure curiosity I checked the numbers again and all changed: the biggest three (Adore, Bianca and Alaska) increased their fans by 4K in a day. The next four (Miss Fame, Kimchi, Pearl and Violet) plus Sharon Needles and Willam increased all by 1K followers and Katya increased by 3K. It might be silly but that could be announcing a trend. I did the same on Sunday and the trend continues. Katya has a lot of potential to grow much more rapidly than the rest and quickly be among the biggest four. If somebody is reading this please remind me to check again in three weeks to see how Katya has grown. 🙂 ALSO. We can agree on Adore Delano being the queen of Instagram but who rules on the entire social media is not that clear. What is more influencial? Youtube or Instagram? Is Willam Belli more powerful then? What do you think? I think that’s all regarding RuPaul’s drags on Instagram. To conclude, I wanted to share a small reflection.

When I’m in drag I’m trying to exercise having an entitlement to the space that I’m in and commanding people to look at me. It’s powerful.

No. The quote is not my reflection (I would be a horrible drag myself!). Focus. Continue reading. After reviewing all the timelines and all the Wikipedia entries and go a little more in depth with their loves, my idea of the DRAGS as ARTISTS and creators has been reinforced. I think that they embody attitude, entertainment, freedom and power. Last year I discovered in a Broadly article that there are women that also do drag, female drag queens or also called “Faux Queens”. As one of them put it: “When I’m in drag I’m trying to exercise having an entitlement to the space that I’m in and commanding people to look at me. It’s powerful”. I believe it is a topic that goes beyond the mere entertainment and cross borders to art, gender identity or fashion.

Condragulations! You made it until the end of the article and now is time to chat. What do you think? Do you you like this topic? Feel curious? Do you drag yourself? 🙂 Will be Katya surpassing the rest soon? Are my calculations b.s.? Leave a comment below and/or on Twitter.