Last Thursday I participated for the first time in a #HootChat. For those who don’t know it, a #HootChat is a Twitter conversation that is triggered by a series of questions done by Hootsuite.  Yesterday’s topic was “Influencers” but  before I share with some of the responses and thoughts, I must say that I enjoyed participating and I found very interesting to see what other Social Media people think about a certain topic. Now, the chat:

Q1)  What is an ‘influencer’ anyway?


Q2) Why should brands partner with influencers on Youtube?

Q3) How can you find the right YouTubeers to partner with?

I was surprised that not many people mentioned to use a multi-channel network for this purpose. Maybe that was my first idea cause most of the times we have tried to contact influencers at my company (Instagram or Youtube) they are already working with one. But I totally agree that a thorough research is a must and then – why not? – contact them directly. I guess we have to take action based on the budget of the campaign and maybe a MCN can sum a good amount on top. 

Q4) What makes an influencer a good fit for your brand? 

Q5) What makes an awesome influencer/brand collaboration video? (I guess they were thinking in Youtuber influencers/creators only)

Q6)  What mistakes do brands make when working with YouTube-ers?

This is the response of an actual youtuber so keep this in mind.

Q7: How do you measure success when a collaboration goes well?

Q8) What would you say to someone planning to work with influencers on YouTube?

I didn’t replied to the 8th questions cause I was tweeting as well about Germany’y Next Top Model (yes, I did) and I couldn’t focus on both conversations. Back to the topic, I basically expressed my ideas in those tweets but if you have anything to add or simply change some ideas, please contact me on Twitter or leave me a comment in the box below.

I hope you also find it interesting and thanks for reading!