I still being a newbie on the lettering art but in the last months I’ve been acquiring and trying several pens, markers and brushes (I could buy much more, trust me) and today I feel like sharing a bit of what I have experienced. In the picture above you have an example of basic lines this 5 can do and below I will explain a little of how I use each of them.

Following the order in the picture they are:

1) Graphmaster marker dual tip, one fine (0.8mm) and one broad (7mm). I don’t remember the price but they were not expensive. The black is reaaaally black and I think is awesome for letters and coloring.

2) Pilot Parallel Pen. I like a lot this one, is ideal for classic calligraphy but since I’m not very good yet at it is the one I use the less.

3) Sakura Pigma Brush. I love this one because you can make go from broad to thin not only for letters but also for illustration. I have tried it in both with good results. One important thing regarding this little one: be delicate with the tip. I may be a bit brute (not sure if that’s the English word) but I have the feeling that I might have damaged it the second time I used it.

4) Edding Calligraphy pen 2.0. You can also get a package of 3.5 and 5 and it is actually not expensive and is good to start trying letters.

5) Pentel Acuash Brush. My favorite! I love this one because specially for me that I just started lettering is pretty flexible and you don’t have to be super careful with it. You can fill it with ink (I do that) but I’ve seen people using it as a old wooden brush. As you wish but this one I can tell you is a MUST. I bought the package of 3 different brush sizes and I use them almost every day.

That was all for now. I hope you find this useful and If you have questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a line!