As you know, I have been selling my art for quite a while in several platforms BUT recently I had the chance to open an artist shop in one my favorite design places: Threadless! But before continue talking about myself – I can do that for hours, let me explain you why I’m specially excited about this.


Threadless is for a long time an inspiration for me. Not only because of the super talented and creative community of artists that collaborate with them but also because of the business model and the product itself. They were among the first ones to give the chance to illustrators and designers to sell online by establishing challenges where everybody could submit their own work. Even though I never managed to get one of my designs printed (oooh) the first time I saw this I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The mere fact of being challenged and see other artists work was really inspiring and fun.

It is true that the rules are not the same cause I will be basically setting my own shop and the Threadless community wont be the one judging and approving my designs BUT again Threadless makes a move that empowers artists to go one step further so for that, THANK YOU!

So how the shop looks like? Below you have an screenshot but check it out yourself HERE! 


So far they have t-shirts, sweaters and baby clothes (bodysuits and tees) available but I think they will soon include other products like the home wear and smartphone cases so I’m pretty looking forward for that to happen.

I have only included 4 designs so far to try (the ones I sell the most in other platforms where I sell as well) but soon I will include more designs. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!