I cannot change the fact that I speak a lot, that’s why along with many of my illustrations you can find a text that completes the sense (whatever that means). Sometimes I like just to write a sentence, a thought or something that makes me laugh or cry. Ok, that is not an illustration but it has the same purpose: to express something.

map of myself mini

▲ Comic stripes ▼

Esta noche sí

Estamos empezando (esta noche sí)

Momento Monger

Estamos empezando (momento monger)

Menos risitas

Estamos empezando (menos risitas)

▲ Brief Break-Up Story▼

historia de una ruptura

Brief break-up story by villaraco
1. We’re done/ OK
2. In the meantime, in a remote part of his brain… I am scared/I am hungry/ I wanna sleep / I wanna DIE
3. Oh Lord, why me, oh WHY ME! / During aaaall the fucking night.
4. The next morning. “What am I doing praying? I am atheist since I was little! Everything is going to be ok, everything is gonna be ok, you’ll see. Think in the pain of others… ”
5. How are you? / Bad… we are done 🙁
6. 5 minutes later whatsapp messages of support arrived from every single corner. / You all are great! Give me a Valium!
7. And everybody knows that almost everything can be fixed with good friends and some alcohol.
8. Shame that nobody could make it to the bar, cause I drank that much that he ended up in the hospital, where the whatsapp messages os support also arrived.
9. End

▲ Monsters under my bed ▼

After a long time sleeping togeher quite often he considered that the constant examination he was being subjeted had come to an end:

monstruos bajo mi cama EN

(He asked quietly)
Trust me, he said.
And he ended what he was doing and after laying down on his chest, he felt asleep.