Finding tools to help you manage your social media activities can be a pain in the ass, I know it from experience? , so today I decided to talk a bit about the ones I normally use. Of course, I know and use other tools occasionally but the ones listed below are the ones I use more often. Let’s go!

First of all I must say that I don’t use it on a personal level but a professional level. I have been working with Falcon for almost 2 years and my experience cannot be more positive. Falcon is a very complete social media suite that goes beyond the mere scheduling. It is social listening, a complete content scheduling, campaign planning, engaging, reporting… All in the same tool. Given the fact that I have to monitor the posting for +25 countries and different brands, this tool has saved my life. Giving Facebook admin/editor access to everybody can be ideal but also dangerous, therefore having a tool that allows you to give a restrictive access depending on the role to a large number of people is the best choice. - Social Media Tool – Social Media Tool


My 2 favorite features are Engage and Publish. Engage is itself a super powerful Customer Care tool but in the more basic level, it will help you not to miss a single interaction with your audience. Publish on the other hand is super cool to schedule content and visualize it in a calendar. On top of that the new Campaign feature is really helpful when it comes to creating a global social media campaign: you can select the teams involved, the dates, add notes, basic information and all the stock images for the campaign, so the different parties don’t get crazy looking for the visual assets in eternal email threads or Google docs that often they have problems to access (who didn’t get at least 1000 times the message “you don’t have access to see this, contact the owner of the document“?).

To conclude, it is important – especially for all e-commerces – to be able to track all traffic and conversions. With Falcon you can also add your own UTMs so as soon as a post is published it comes to the world with the proper tracking. All automatic! Oh yeah!


I love this tool! Buffer has 2 things every social media pro values the most: easy to use and effective. In my case, I used to work with Hootsuite at the beginning but I found really annoying that I couldn’t show the whole picture in a tweet when scheduling, and Buffer actually solved that problem first so I switched. After almost 3 years using it to schedule my Twitter posting, I can only recommend it. It is ideal for personal use and also small companies that need an easy solution for their posting.

buffer app - social media tools

buffer app – social media tools


Social Bakers

To be honest I never used the social media tool itself but I used several features they offer. The Regional reports are very useful because they tell you basic information about many different markets. Again, when you work in a very international company this really helps. Knowing the biggest brands on social – even per industry -, the ones with more engagement, the best tweet, the best post of the month… it’s all possible. They also have another interesting product I love: Socially Devoted, to know if your brand is good or sucks at customer care on social.

*TIP! I also use it to analyze the demographics of a Facebook page, meaning, where the fans come from. Why it is this important? 2 examples: Example1: If you want to collaborate with a big Facebook influencer, makes sense to know first if the page has enough people from the country where the action will take place. If the influencer is from Hong Kong but 90% of the fans come from Mainland China we should consider finding another one. Example 2: If the same influencer happens to have 50% fans from Turkey or Brazil (even though that’s possible), there are many chances those fans are fake. So remember to make your research first and don’t be blinded by the number of fans.

socialbakers - social media tools

socialbakers – social media tools


It may seem a small player compared to the rest but do not underestimate this little one. Bitly delivers not only what it promises, to shorten your URL, but also tells you all the clicks the bitly link and the URL itself got. I will always love you Bitly!

*TIP! You don’t need to be the owner of the bitly link to see those stats. Simply copy the bitly link, paste it in your browser with a + sign afterward. Click enter and see the stats.

Below I tried with this article for example:

bitly example - holavillaraco


That’s my take. What about you? Do you also use these tools? Do you prefer other ones? Share it with me!

Thanks for reading! @villaraco