(This is originally a post that I made on Linkedin)

For my first post on LinkedIn I always thought I would make something more professional (sorry if you are expecting that) but on last Saturday I made 30 years and that led me to think a bit between celebrations – nothing too deep don’t worry, I won’t make your Monday more miserable. Guys, girls, humans in general, unicorns, cats, koalas and other awesome creatures out there.

Don’t waste your time.

Make your life and others as beautiful as you can.

Learn to say NO from time to time but also say YES even if you are not convinced. Life can take you to very interesting and unexpected places.

Create often.

Help often.

Smile often.

Don’t please others if it doesn’t please you.

Try to stay positive. Things can be ugly and you may not want to see them but I think there is a reward for those who see and understand the world as it is and still want to change it.

That’s not all. Thanks for reading! @villaraco